Lucy Fry

Lucy FryLucy Fry
Lucy is an experienced individual and couples psychotherapist specialising in addiction recovery; attachment; sexuality; eating disorders and; relationships issues.

She is also a writer, and before entering the world of therapy worked for ten years as a freelance journalist, covering physical and mental health and wellbeing. Her latest book, Love and Choice - a radical approach to sex and relationships [insert link perhaps] - was published by Hodder in 2022 and is a useful guide for anyone keen to explore their ideas on sex, intimacy, monogamy and relationship structures.

Lucy completed a 4-year training in integrative transpersonal psychotherapy and a 1-year foundation course in the psychotherapeutic arts. Essentially this means she is able to bring creativity into sessions with use of art materials, visualisations and working with dreams. She is also very open to talking about spirituality and the soul, should you be interested in that kind of thing!

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