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Crisis management for mental health & addiction When faced with a crisis we provide expert support

A guiding hand for when the chaos of mental health or addiction overwhelms families

Need support in a mental health crisis? We can help.

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Supporting you in difficult times

Living with someone who is in the midst of a mental health or addiction crisis can be scary, overwhelming and all-consuming. Knowing what steps to take to get the right help can feel like an impossible task. Portobello Behavioural Health can provide responsive, expert help to guide through turbulent situations.

Responsive support

From getting a coach to help diffuse a situation at short notice to coming up with a treatment plan in the face of a crisis our team has the skill and experience to understand what needs to be done and implement solutions quickly.  Whilst we are not an emergency service we can provide both emotional and practical support in the face of a crisis.

Building on solutions

Whether it is for you or a member of your family our work is aimed at building long-term solutions and avoiding the cycle of repeated crises which characterises many behavioural and mental health conditions. Once the immediate situation has been managed our team will work with you to put in place a plan which will help avoid these patterns repeating. Be that intensive support by us or referrals to other providers we will help guide you to implement practical solutions that lay the long-term foundations for recovery and better mental health.

How does it work?

Triage call
Speak to an experienced team member so we understand the nature of the crises. They will explain how we work and be able to pull together a rapid plan to tackle the immediate problems being faced.
Depending on what services we recommend the next step is a formal assessment either with a clinical psychologist or a member of the therapy team.
Assessment and planning
Having tackled the immediate crises, we dynamically assess the situation and can put in place longer term plans and interventions to help prevent or manage future crises and build long term stability.
Ongoing care
We provide ongoing support helping build better mental health and deliver long term recovery. We know that relapse is common and so ensure that we can flex up our support at short notice when necessary.

How we help in a crisis

A long history in behavioural health

1. Quickly understand the nature of the problem and formulate a plan of action. 2. Mobilise a team to get boots on the ground fast. 3. Clarify fees, contracts and consents. 4. Implement agreed plan. 5. Develop a long term plan for future recovery.
Our bespoke support model allows us to help clients no matter what their current stage of recovery.
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The nature of complex mental health problems and addictions means that individuals and families often approach us in the midst of a crises. Our goal is to provide immediate support and capitalise on the possibility for change that these situations present.

Compassion and professionalism

Providing the best care

We are proud to have an experienced team of practitioners, many of whom are published and leading experts in their field. Our specialists are committed to delivering the best care to each person who receives support with us, and pride themselves on placing service users at the heart of their treatment and rehabilitation journey.

Practitioners engage in continuous professional development in order to guarantee that their practice is guided by the latest research and adheres to robust National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, and other relevant standards.
Meet the team
How we help in a crisisHow we help in a crisis

Some common questions about crisis management

Do you accept medical insurance?

We do not accept medical insurance.  In some instances, clients are able to reclaim the cost of our services from theirinsurance companies but we do not deal with insurance companies directly. If additional information is required by a client in making an insurance claim an administration fee is payable.

Can you refer me to a treatment centre/psychiatrist/psychologist?

We work with a variety of providers and professionals in the addiction and mental health field. We often work alongside these professionals to provide wrap-around care. If PBH is not the right service for you, or we feel we are not the right fit for you we will happily make a recommendation to another provider that may be able to help.

Do you provide confidential support?

Discretion and confidentiality are our bywords. We protect our clients confidentiality rigorously and have processes in place to ensure that information is safeguarded. We pride ourselves on our discretion. Our flexible approach to support means that we can often work with clients in a way which suits their needs for privacy.

How much does therapy/coaching/case management cost?

The prices for our services vary depending on what is required. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can explain what PBH can provide and how much it will cost.

Where are you based?

We operate from two offices, one in London and one in Guildford, Surrey. However, we provide support to clients across the world through case management, coaching and therapy. This may include remote or online support or it may mean our coaches travelling to clients in their home country.

What do I do in an emergency?

Dealing with mental health problems is turbulent and characterised by repeated crises. PBH is not an emergency service. If you find yourself in a situation where someone needs medical assistance or there is an imminent danger you should call emergency services. If the situation is contained and you require rapid response in the form of case management or coaching please get in touch.