Portobello Behavioural Health

A multi-disciplinary team approach

We remove the barriers which allow problems to fester and use joined-up work to tackle difficulties head-on
We have a unique proposition: we provide clients with access to a highly skilled group of professionals, leading experts in their field, that can work together to ensure that clients get the right care for them, in a way that works for them.
Case managers, therapists and coaches approach each client as unique and recognise that the right solutions for that person might also be unique. We have the experience and flexibility to meet those needs.
Clarity of communication, openness and collaboration underpin how our team works. The complications associated with mental health mean that all care providers have to be aligned and approach cases with consistency and compassion.

Case managers

Will help direct a client’s treatment, understanding what additional support they may need.


Are put in place to provide practical companionship and accountability.


Help work through the underlying issues which are affecting wellbeing.


Teams share information, assess risk and work flexibly to respond to problems as they arise. Case conferences take place to review treatment goals and ensure the desired outcomes are being achieved.
This support network that we can provide is complemented by our workshops and groups, which can help boost people’s recovery and well-being, and by our excellent connections with other professionals in the field.  

Portobello Behavioural Health’s in-house experts often work as part of a bigger team which may include psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, external counsellors, private offices or trustees. They may be already in place when we are bought on board or our clients commission us to establish a team of external clinicians that can provide the necessary additional support.

Our role is always to be collaborative, working in partnership and helping smooth relationships and the flow of communication.

The confusion that often surrounds struggles with mental health, only exacerbates the challenges faced by individuals & families

Our approach is to remove the barriers which allow problems to fester and use joined-up work to tackle difficulties head-on.

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With years of success and hundreds of clients that have benefited from this approach, we know this is a methodology with delivers results for our clients.
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