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Our non-clinical services complement the work of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, and treatment providers.
We work in partnership, reinforcing the transformation that may have already been made and capitalising on a client’s motivation and willingness to make positive changes in their lives.
For clinicians in private practice, we help clients by providing ongoing support through case management and coaching. Boots on the ground; a listening ear; a companion who will hold clients to account. Services that are non-residential but provide structure and support to help reinforce clinical goals. This can head off crises or help manage them effectively if they occur.  

If a client is not yet ready for residential support, or has been discharged at short notice, through coaching and case management we can provide a degree of safe containment which can help clients prepare for re-entering treatment. If necessary we can provide a coach to accompany clients as they travel to and from treatment
An established relationship with treatment centers and other providers
Our relationship with treatment providers across the world has seen us become an essential adjunct to their aftercare provision. When clients need some additional help to make the transition back to ‘real life’, we work in partnership, so that clients feel safe and it gives assurance to treatment providers that there is a robust safety net that supports their clinical aims.

Through our case management service, we help our clients make and stick to appointments, assist with medication regimes, and achieve education or career goals. We achieve excellent results because our highly skilled team recognises our clients often need help and support from experts other than us. Through partnership work, we can make the appropriate recommendations and referrals to ensure our clients get the very best help they need.

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If you are a doctor, treatment centre, clinician, or service provider and want to know more about how Portobello Behavioural Health might support your work and the lives of your patients then get in touch.
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