Portobello Behavioural Health

Bespoke support, not generic treatment

Our approach to treatment
Portobello Behavioural Health is the UK’s leading provider of bespoke mental health solutions
We offer our clients and their families bespoke solutions to tackle mental health and addiction problems.  We do not have ‘a model’ that we impose, nor a specific treatment modality we prescribe.

Our approach is to meet each of our clients where they are at and identify what interventions, techniques and support can help them achieve their goals.  Those goals vary from client to client.

What our clients always get is a dedicated, discreet team, working in their best interest seeking a way forward together.

Therapeutic excellence

Our team provides more than 3000 hours of counselling annually

Delivering impact

We have supported more than 300 clients with more than 20,000 hours of coaching

Commitment & integrity

Our unique, full-time case management team provides dedicated support to up to 30 clients at any time

Global reach

New York, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Riyadh or Kula Lumpur – we work wherever our clients need us, in person or online
Working in partnership for you
The many complications that come with mental health problems or addictions can be overwhelming for everyone involved.  It can be hard to know where to turn to for help and what the best course of action is.  Our team works with you to make sure you have the right clinicians in place, have access to the best support available, and help mediate communication between this array of voices and opinions.  With case management, you can hand over the burden to a professional team that is working in your best interest.

We will arrange and coordinate appointments and translate the complicated clinical language to easily understood directions and help ensure recommendations are implemented. Our team keeps our clients accountable for the changes they commit to making.

Our goal is to work in partnership at all times & make sure that a clinically robust treatment plan is in place

We minimise any risk by conducting dynamic reviews and taking rapid action

Want to know more?

With years of success and hundreds of clients that have benefited from this approach, we know this is a methodology with delivers results for our clients.
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