Jaz Dalrymple

Head Coach
Jaz DalrympleJaz Dalrymple
Jaz is a certified recovery specialist and coach, who has worked with a broad range of clients since 2015, supporting them in their individual recovery journeys.

He helps clients pursue purpose and meaning, invest in, or rediscover, their passions whilst supporting them in attaining and then maintaining their ideal ambitions of wellbeing. Recognising that the development of the coaching support must adapt and grow, he develops a dynamic coaching plan with each person he works with.

With his background as a musician and a writer, his experience is that collaboration and creativity are a crucial element of self-discovery and growth, using these values as key tools to empower clients in their problem-solving and decision-making, combined with his organic approach of compassion, understanding and a lack of judgement.

His personal recovery journey began in 2010 at the age of 19, he has continued on this journey ever since, engaging in a variety of therapeutic and community-based resources to enrich his recovery and life overall, eventually leading him to discover coaching. Appreciating that what coaching represents and aims to achieve, in its core nature of identification, social and practical support would have been incredibly beneficial to him when he first began his recovery journey he decided to pursue it as a career.

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  • One of the most experienced young coaches in Europe
  • Certified Recovery Specialist trained through Arise in California
  • Has written and developed a coach training program
  • Has delivered workshops for coaches
  • Supervises and supports other recovery coaches
  • Has integrated recovery coaching into complex mental health situations and not simply addiction settings
  • Has worked with clients struggling with substance abuse disorder, process addictions, social isolation, complex mental health and psychotic illness
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