Nicolay Sorensen

Chief Operating Officer & Partner
Nicolay SorensenNicolay Sorensen
For more than 20 years Nicolay has worked with organisations, both in house and as a consultant, to be efficient, effective and impactful.

Having worked in the substance misuse field for a large part of his career he has also held roles in the private and third sector; with extensive experience of organisational governance, finances, policy and communications. At PBH his role covers all operational matters including financial management, human resources, facilities, organisational systems and corporate strategy.

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  • More than two decades of organisational leadership
  • Worked with small start-ups through to FTSE 100 companies
  • MPhil (Cantab) BA Hons (Dunelm)
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My passion at PBH is ensuring the organisation is efficient and well run so that we can deliver affordable world leading services to people with mental health and addiction problems.

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